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This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5 Case Madness, Part 2

This Week In Accessories: iPhone 5 Case Madness, Part 2

September 21, 2012
We started our roundup of cases for the new iPhone 5 last week, and since then, we’ve gotten the word on even more options for your new handset. Let’s get started.


Surface and Active: The pictured Surface is the thinnest of the new cases from Seidio, while the Active adds in more layers of protection. Both are currently available in black, red, blue, amethyst, and sage. Both cases retail for $29.95 without the kickstand or $49.95 with. A case and holster combo is $54.95. Convert: The Convert begins with the Surface case and allows the user to add more protective layers for tougher environments. It is available in black right now and gray in a few weeks. It will retail for $49.95 and comes with an included screen protector and locking holster. Probably the best thing about Seidio’s options are that they are available to purchase today from the company’s online store. And that is a big plus for those who are already receiving their pre-ordered phones.


Perennial Apple Store favorite Incase is offering three styles of its popular Slider Case and another option for your iPhone 5. All the cases can be pre-ordered through the company’s site with shipping in early October. Slider: The two-piece hardshell case provides complete coverage of the iPhone while allowing access to all buttons and ports. The removable bottom slips off to allow for easy docking and charging. Incase is offering the Slider, Crystal Slider, and Metallic Slider all for $34.95. While the Slider is only available in black, the Crystal and Metallic cases have three color choices each. Snap: With more minimal protection, the pictured Snap attaches to the handset quickly and easily. Hardshell material protects the iPhone’s back, side, and corners. It is available in black or clear and is $29.95.



Incipio is primed and ready to go with a comprehensive lineup of cases. Frequency: With a soft design, Frequency has a unique pattern on the back of the case. The material is tear and stretch resistant and will not fade. It’s available in black, teal, and pink and will retail for $24.99. feather: Measuring in at around 1 mm thin, feather is made of Plextonium, Incipio’s own proprietary blend of polycarbonate that promises better drop and scratch resistance. The case is $29.99 and comes in a regular and brushed aluminum style with a number of color choices. DualPro: Featuring the best of both worlds, DualPro is a hybrid design with a hard shell outer case and inner silicone core. It comes in both regular and brushed aluminum styles and is $29.99. OVRMLD: The pictured OVRMLD features a raised core to protect its soft touch finish from scratches or surface wear. With three color choices, it’s available for $34.99. Kicksnap: Made of Plextonium with an impact resistant core, the case has a built-in kickstand. Kicksnap retails for $34.99 and comes in black or white. LGND: The $34.99 folio-type case is made with a rubberized front face, a hard frame, and suede interior. The steel mesh earpiece allows users to field calls while the front face is closed. It is available in black or brown. All of the cases are available to pre-order from Incipio’s site with some models shipping as early as today. Incipio is also one of the only manufacturers that include a screen protector with every case, which definitely makes all the styles a good value.


If you’re looking for a unique iPhone 5 case, X-Doria has a great lineup. Shield: The pictured Shield is a slim-fitting case with a front hard shell and unique pattern on the back. It is $39.99 and comes in five different color combinations. Dash: The Dash combines glossy polycarbonate with an interesting perforated fabric back. A window in the back of the case highlights the Apple logo. Available in five color choices, it is $34.99. Venue: Combining hard polycarbonate with soft protective rubber, the Venue protects even the volume and lock buttons with colorful rubber. Buyers can choose from six color combinations for the $34.99 case. Cubit: While the Cubit doesn’t exactly qualify for our Handmade Highlights column, it does have a DIY feature. Colorful interchangeable silicone cubes let you customize the back of your iPhone while protecting from scratches and impacts. Buyers can select one of three color combinations for the $29.99 case. Kick: As the name suggests, this case had a pop-out kickstand that will angle the iPhone in either a landscape or horizontal orientation. The two-piece design has a smooth top paired with a rubbery bottom for good kickstand performance. It is $29.99 and is available in five color combinations. All the cases are available to order now on X-Doria’s site.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive iPhone 5 case, Boxwave definitely seems to have some good options that are currently on sale for $9.99. Blackout: Looking to be very slim, Blackout looks like a good choice. Made of TPU, the case features a back cover with a matte finish for easier gripping along with glossy side accents. ColorSplash: ColorSplash is made of a flexible edge lining that is integrated with a hard plastic cover back in a wave design. The flexible edge allows users to easily insert their iPhone while textured side grips are designed for better grip. Arctic Frost: If you’re looking for a more colorful option, Arctic Frost is available in pink, gray, and turquoise. Boxwave says it features the same tactile feel of an iPhone 5 without a case. Keyboard Buddy: While the pictured Keyboard Buddy probably isn’t for every iPhone 5 user, it does bring an interesting feature to the table. If the name didn’t give you a clue, the solution is a combined case with a fully integrated QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard communicates with your iPhone via Bluetooth and Boxwave says the rechargeable battery can last up to two week on one charge. The keys are also backlit. It is available for $89.99 All the cases and the Keyboard Buddy are available for pre-order now through Boxwave’s site. The cases will ship next Friday while the Keyboard Buddy isn’t available until later in October.


SwitchEasy has a small, but colorful lineup of iPhone 5 cases for sale on its site for $19.99. Colors: Known for the jelly bean tactile home button, the Color series is available in 13 color choices. The case, redesigned for the new handset, has more jelly coating for the volume switch and on/off button. Headphone jack and Lightning dock connector protectors are also included. Nude: The polycarbonate Nude is designed with a scratch-resistant gloss or soft touch matte coating. It’s available in eight gloss colors or four matte options. Both cases types are scheduled to ship on Monday and come with protective skins for both the iPhone’s front and back.

Hitcase Pro

The waterproof and shockproof Hitcase Pro is highlightd by its built-in, removable wide-angle lens that doubles the effective field of view of the iPhone’s camera. The ShockDeal design protects the handset from the elements and drops while allowing full use of the touchscreen, buttons, and headphone jack. The auto-lock mounting system has a one-button release and works with current GoPro mounting solutions. An included StickR mount can be used with helmets, skateboards, and more. The case also pairs with the free Vidometer app to record speed, altitude, and G-force on top of a video. But if you want the case, you’ll need to have a little patience. The $129.99 solution can be pre-ordered now, but won’t be available until mid-December.

Musubo Retro

And finally, we’ll take a look at another uniquely designed iPhone 5 case. The Retro from Musubo comes in black, red, silver, blue, and white, and provides a two-layer system of protection with a polycarbonate shell and soft silicon cushioned exterior. It also comes with a folding video stand. The case will be available sometime in October from Amazon and other retailers. It will cost $34.99. That’s all for this week. What case have you purchased for the new iPhone 5?

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