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TicToe Fury Wins Three In A Row With New Universal Update

TicToe Fury Wins Three In A Row With New Universal Update

September 30, 2012
Launched last month as an iOS reinvention of tic-tac-toe, TicToe Fury has just recently been upgraded to version 2.0. If you think tic-tac-toe is just a lame game, then you clearly haven't played TicToe Fury. TicToe Fury takes the familiar basic mechanics of the classic game and adds a few clever twists to them. TicToe Fury is played on a grid of nine large squares, each of which is further subdivided into nine small squares. The main twist in the game is that the position of the small square in which one player makes his move determines which large square the other player must make his. It's this somewhat complex mechanic that makes TicToe Fury not only a challenging game but also an addictive one. TicToe Fury was launched as an iPad-only game. But version 2.0 of the game now lets you play on your iPhone as well. As TicToe Fury developer wOzy puts it, "TicToe Fury is now universal so you can play wherever you want." The new iPhone edition of TicToe Fury is, thankfully, not a mere scaled-down version of the original iPad game. Rather, it bears a redesigned interface that takes the device's smaller screen into account. Note, however, that support for the iPhone 5's four-inch display is not yet included in TicToe Fury 2.0. Rest assured that that improvement, along with iCloud sync, Retina iPad support, and theme selection, is already in the works for TicToe Fury. The new TicToe Fury for iPhone also features assistive touch. This lets you zoom into a square for a more precise placement of your Xs or Os. In addition, the game's improved Game Center integration lets you play across multiple devices. TicToe Fury also includes the following bug fixes:
  • Online play works flawlessly
  • Game Center achievements fix
  • Buggy message box
  • Reset statistics works properly now
TicToe Fury for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store for $1.99. A lame game it most certainly isn't. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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