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Where's My Water? Free Gets A Freaky And Frankenducky Update

Where's My Water? Free Gets A Freaky And Frankenducky Update

September 27, 2012
Where's My Water? already celebrated its first anniversary last week with a special gift for players. But that doesn't mean that the gift-giving has already come to an end. Where's My Water? Free, the free version of the popular physics-based game, is also offering a special treat. And it might just give you quite a fright:
IT’S ALIVE! Are you ready for a spooky, Halloween surprise? Take a plunge into Swampy’s eeriest escapade yet inspired by Disney’s latest stop-motion animated film, Frankenweenie! Play through 10 exclusive FREE levels with a new look, all-new ducks and a haunting new soundtrack! Where’s My Water has never looked so…FRIGHTENINGLY GOOD!
Where's My Water? Free, which already offers 10 free levels not found in the full game, is now offering 10 more free levels inspired by "Frankenweenie." Directed by Tim Burton and released by Disney, "Frankenweenie" is an upcoming stop-motion animated film about a boy who manages to bring his dead dog back to life. Collectively known as "10 Days of Frankenducky," the new levels in Where's My Water? Free takes the deathly look and feel of the film and livens things up with the game's signature gameplay. Playable on both iPhone and iPad, Where's My Water? Free is available in the App Store for free (of course). Where's My Water?, the full version, is available for $0.99. So, can you help Swampy take his shower amid all the horror and terror in "10 Days of Frankenducky"? [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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