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All Aboard The Terror Train: Subway Surfers Runs Into Spooktacular Update

All Aboard The Terror Train: Subway Surfers Runs Into Spooktacular Update

October 24, 2012
Just in time for Halloween, Subway Surfers has received an update that turns the spectacular endless running game into a spooktacular one. We here at AppAdvice hailed Subway Surfers as our Game of the Week shortly after its release last May, and for good reason. Subway Surfers is actually one of the more noteworthy titles to, in a manner of speaking, come out of the Temple Run school of endless running. Sure, Subway Surfers basically takes the gameplay popularized by Temple Run. But here's the thing: Subway Surfers takes it and then runs away with it toward fresher and more exciting territory. Subway Surfers trades the temple for the train tracks and the demon monkeys for a pudgy train inspector and his pitbull. And instead of the jungle-crawling Guy Dangerous, the default character is the graffiti-loving Jake. But wait, in the new version of Subway Surfers, Jake looks a bit … weird. Like zombie-weird. That's because Jake has been zombie-fied into a new special character available only during Halloween season. For a limited time only, you can choose to play as Zombie Jake by activating him in the new character selection screen. That's not the only Halloween-themed content brought by the latest Subway Surfers update, though. There's also the all new spooktacular game world, which is awash with ghostly Halloween hues. What's that? You don't like playing in the new Halloween-themed world? Boo! Well, if you insist, just switch back to the classic and vibrant look of Subway Surfers in the game's settings menu. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, but not yet optimized for iPhone 5, Subway Surfers is available in the App Store for free. The new version of the game also includes improved startup and new graphics and animations. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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