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Drive To Survive Inside The Horror House In Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

Drive To Survive Inside The Horror House In Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour

October 27, 2012
With just a few days left before Halloween, it seems that game developers are racing to update their iOS titles with any type of Halloween content. And one of the latest to successfully do so is Red Bull, whose racing game, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour, has just been updated for the spooky season. As its name suggests, Red Bull Kart Fighter is a kart racing game set in various countries around the globe. The game comes in two modes, namely, World Tour Mode and Challenge Mode. World Tour Mode dares you to become the racing champ in every country featured in the game. In your attempt to do just that, you must set out to unlock upgrades to boost your kart and unlock achievements to boost your morale. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Challenge Mode is a bit different in that it pits you against five of your friends in a race against time. Using the same iDevice, you take turns in setting the fastest lap. In time for Halloween, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour has been updated with new tracks in the new Horror House. There you can race three new spooky karts, which are invariably driven by a racer with a jack-o'-lantern for a head. This Halloween update is available for a limited time only, so pick it up now to be in on the treat. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and already optimized for iPhone 5, Red Bull Kart Fighter World Tour is available in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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