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Keep Your Eye On The Ball As You Platform Your Way Across Square Planet

Keep Your Eye On The Ball As You Platform Your Way Across Square Planet

October 15, 2012
You're familiar with the expression, "a round peg in a square hole," right? Well, the folks behind Montreuil, France-based independent developer Majaka have set out to create an iOS game based on that very premise. The result? Square Planet. Square Planet is a 2.5-D platformer that revolves around the adventures of a round ball on the eponymous planet. But you might be wondering what a round dude is doing on a square world, where everything, including trees and even dog poo, is square. You see, the evil inhabitants of Square Planet have abducted the ball peeps. And so it's up to you to tilt and tap as you guide said round dude across Square Planet to rescue his fellow globular beings. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Here are some of the shapely stuff you can expect in Square Planet:
  • 16 levels, eight more in the first update, hours of ball-rolling fun
  • A set of unique enviroments: Square Forest, Rock Caverns, Cube City, Hard Sewers, Square Prison
  • Power-ups : Double Jump, Friend Finder, Secret Path, Hack Alarms
  • Awesome animated set pieces
  • Exciting game mechanics: gravity switch, alarms, power ups Clever, multi-path level design
  • Fun background scenes of the Evil Squares in their daily life, sunbathing, working, hanging out, etc.
Square Planet is expected to take shape in the App Store later this week. And when it does, you better be there as we provide you with our take on the game. Or you shall run the risk of being, you know, square.

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