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New WordPress For iOS Update Features Support For Featured Image And More

New WordPress For iOS Update Features Support For Featured Image And More

October 24, 2012
WordPress for iOS has received yet another noteworthy update. The app is, of course, the official iOS app of the eponymous blogging platform. For unarguably the most popular blogging platform currently in use, it's only expected of WordPress to have an iOS client that is nothing short of excellent. Well, for quite some time, it seemed that an excellent iOS client was not in effect for WordPress. Until last August, that is, when WordPress for iOS underwent a huge UI refresh. Suddenly, a largely bland app turned into an impressive one. And the app's latest update only serves to improve on this newfound quality. The new update includes featured image support, push notifications for self-hosted blogs, and more accessible settings. Featured image support lets you upload a featured image for a post, so long as your blog's theme supports it. You can do so by using the featured image uploader in the settings section of the post editor. Push notifications for comments on self-hosted blogs is a follow-up enhancement to push notifications, which were originally applicable to blogs only. This enhancement works through the Jetpack WordPress plugin. As such, it notifies only the owner of the blog concerned. But a new version of Jetpack, which makes push notifications for all of the authors on a blog, is said to be on its way. The new update also makes settings more accessible. How? Simple, really: by relocating preferences previously accessible in the Settings app to the settings section of WordPress for iOS itself. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, and already optimized for iPhone 5, WordPress for iOS is available in the App Store for free. The app also promises better stability, what with the nearly 70 bugs and crashes fixed through the update. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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