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Space Lift Danger Panic! Will Make A Hero Out Of You

Space Lift Danger Panic! Will Make A Hero Out Of You

October 1, 2012
Space Lift Danger Panic! by Springloaded icon

Space Lift Danger Panic! (Free) by Springloaded is a universal tapping game that looks like it came through a time portal from 1982. Save the Ceranthians from eminent demise before they fall to their doom.

Space Lift Danger Panic! by Springloaded screenshot

These citizens of a distant planet are on a space lift that has malfunctioned and they are falling to their doom on the spiky rocks below. To save them from such a terrible fate, tap the screen to create a portal that will transport them to safety.

This game is similar to ball drop games in that the action takes place with things that are falling from above. Players must tap as fast as possible to save all of the Ceranthians from being crushed by the rocks below. You can use as many fingers as possible to tap multiple portals into existence at once. In order to avoid accidentally setting off your device’s controls, turn off multitasking gestures in your settings section. This will allow you to use four, five, and even eight fingers at once to tap portals for the falling people.

The game is packed with arcade style action. Players must tap fast and plan ahead. If you tap a portal into existence a moment too late, the Ceranthian will drop right past it. You must tap the screen a fraction of a second before the falling person gets to the spot.

Players collect coins while saving the falling victims. Coins can be used to increase the number of lives you are allowed to lose on a level. For example, players start of with the ability to let two people die before they lose the game. However, buying extra lives allows you to make more mistakes before losing. This can be invaluable when you accidently let four people die because there are too many Ceranthians dropping from above at the same time.

You can also buy additional coins or add the Coin Multiplier for $0.99 each through in-app purchases. However, these IAPs are more of a way for fans to show support than they are a way for the developers to make a profit.

This game is tremendously fun and the retro style graphics will really take you back. Every life you save will make you want to play more. Survival mode is even more entertaining because your point score gets added to Game Center where you compete with the rest of the world for the top spot.

Download this game. There is no reason not to. It is loads of fun and has classic arcade graphics. If you are a fan of ball drop games, retro games, or just having a good time, grab this in the App Store today.

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