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The iPad mini Is Overpriced, Argues Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky

The iPad mini Is Overpriced, Argues Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky

October 27, 2012
Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky has spoken out about the iPad mini, and has suggested that the new, small-size tablet's biggest problem is its $329 price tag. Compared with the other smaller tablets in the industry, such as the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, the iPad mini is indeed going to cost Apple fans more. But is this a problem? Naturally, the critique came as Microsoft presented its own Windows 8 PCs, which sell for just $279. Speaking with All Things Digital, Sinofsky said:
“It’s $279,” he said, “Here we are, talking about seven-inch recreational tablets for $329.”
A couple of days ago, we talked about the "problem" of the iPad mini's price tag, speculating that it could hinder the tablet's sales. Following this, it came to light that Apple's feud with Samsung might be the reason for the "high" price: it seems the Cupertino, Calif. company is having a hard time moving away from Samsung as a display manufacturer. Either way, folks are buying the iPad mini, regardless of its price. How do you feel about the iPad mini's price tag? Let us know. Source: All Things Digital

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