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Wake Up To Your Favorite Smart Playlist With The Updated Version Of Songza

Wake Up To Your Favorite Smart Playlist With The Updated Version Of Songza

October 26, 2012
Songza, which is hands down my favorite music app, has just been updated with several improvements. Since I discovered the app shortly after it went universal last June, Songza has been my music streaming app of choice. It has been my musical companion, no matter my mood or my activity. I mention mood and activity because Songza is particularly adept at coming up with smart playlists that match almost any of those. For example, every time I feel like diving into a novel, I just start playing the "Ambient Music for Reading" playlist and I'm good to go. Or every time I feel like working with some of the most popular indie hits in the background, I just put on the "Mainstream Indie" playlist. Really, Songza is a great app. And it just got better with the addition of a few improvements, including easier song purchase via iTunes and easier sharing via Facebook and Twitter. But no doubt the most significant improvement in the new version of Songza is its new alarm clock feature. With this new feature, you can now "wake up happier to your favorite playlist." To set your favorite playlist as your alarm tone, just tap the alarm clock icon on the playlist's info page. You can then configure the exact time of the alarm as well as its repetition. Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and now optimized for iOS 6 and iPhone 5, Songza is available in the App Store as a free, ad-supported app. Please note that, owing to certain music licensing constraints, Songza may not be accessible or may not work as expected if you're outside the U.S. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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