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AppAdvice Game Of The Week For November 30, 2012

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012

Every week, our staff will handpick a game from the past two weeks that we believe is a must-download for your iPhone or iPad. These games will always be from a wide variety of genres, but they are chosen because our own staff members love it and can’t quite put it down. So here are this week’s picks! Enjoy, and happy gaming!

Vengeance: Woz with a Coz

Have you ever wanted a game that stars Steve Wozniak? What about Danny Trejo? Now you can, with the official movie tie-in game, Vengeance: Woz with a Coz, which is a fun, retro 8-bit side-scrolling platformer adventure.

The game will start off with Wozniak, who is in pixelated sprite form, and he is on a date with his wife, J-Woz. You’ll even get to hear Wozniak’s actual voice, which is quite soothing. Soon enough, you will see J-Woz get kidnapped by some troublemakers. Of course, it’s your job to help him get her back, with a bit of help from Trejo, who is Vengeance. Both Woz and Trejo will tear up Fusion City to get the one and only J-Woz back into his arms!

Both Woz and Trejo are playable, though you can only start out with Woz at first. Fusion City will be split up into different areas, and you must rampage through each level in order to clear it. The character will run automatically, but you will have to control the other movements, such as sliding, jumping, and attacking. These are done with the touch-screen controls, with the jump and slide buttons on the left, and attacking on the right. Both characters will have a close-up and ranged attack, and you will switch weapons depending on your range to baddies and bosses.

You will find “Street Kredits” as you gun down enemies and destroy crates and barrels. These are the in-game currency, and you can use them in the shop to purchase various weapon upgrades for your characters. Barrels and small crates can be destroyed by shooting, but you can also take damage by running into them, as well as foes. Watch out for the larger, metal crates though, because running into these will end the game, or if you run out of hearts.

The goal in each level is to clear out the enemies and reach the end. To add some extra spice, there is a hidden cross on each level, and finding it will give you a perfect rating on the stage.

We’ve been fascinated with playing as Wozniak himself in pixelated form, and it’s quite fun to see him going on a rampage, with Trejo no less! If you’re a fan of retro side-scrolling platform adventure games, then you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

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Honorable Mention


If you’re more of the puzzle fan, then get ready for quite a cute one with Dropple. This is an accelerometer-based puzzle that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a casual game.

Here we have Dropple, who is a cute drop of water. Who knew drops of water could be cute? And hey, he has a special power: bouncing around. In fact, he never stops, so it’s your job to guide him through over 170 levels, while avoiding falling to his doom or getting into dangerous hazards.

In each level, Dropple will be bouncing around, and you will control his movement by tilting your device. The objective will be to collect the golden droplets in as few bounces as possible as you make your way to the giant droplet at the end of the level. As you make progress, there will be increasingly difficult obstacles that get in the way, such as fires, spikes, and explosions. There will be power-ups that you can obtain though, to make things easier. You can earn up to three stars on a level, depending on how many bounces and golden droplets you collect.

The game itself is free, and has 170 levels to go through. There are in-app purchases for obtaining more gold droplets, in case you’re running low on them for power-ups. Not at all necessary, so it’s nice to know that you can actually get all of the levels (and there are a lot of them!) for free. Make sure to download it for yourself from the App Store.

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