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Apparent Launches The More Affordable Doxie One Compact Scanner

November 27, 2012
Despite the availability of document scanning apps, there is still a demand for more traditional scanners, such as Apparent Corporation's Doxie Go. Priced at $199, this road warrior accessory has all kinds of bells and whistles, but not everyone needs extreme portability features. To satisfy people who just want a quick and simple way to go paperless, the company has launched a new entry-level Doxie, the Doxie One. Utilizing the same core features as the Doxie Go, Doxie One trims the price tag by excluding the enhanced features, such as a built-in rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi. Don't let that fool you, the Doxie One is still plenty capable. The Doxie One is able to scan documents, including smaller items like index cards and receipts, and photos in just 8 seconds at up to a quality of 300 dots per inch. The data is saved onto the included 2GB SD card, which you can then use to transfer the documents and photos to your iPad, iPhone, or computer. Transferring the images to your iDevice does require a Lightning to SD card reader or the iPad camera connection kit, both sold separately. Once the images are on your iDevice, they can be viewed using the Photos app and shared via Mail, iMessage, or a cloud storage app like Dropbox. In fact, the scanned items can be imported by any iOS app that accepts images. When using the Doxie One alongside your computer, it's a very similar viewing and sharing process, especially on OS X. Although, there's also the ability to organize, merge, and even convert documents to modifiable text with the included software. As outlined on the tech specs page, here's what you'll receive:
  • Doxie® One
  • Doxie app with ABBYY® OCR technology
  • Quick start guide
  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • Worldwide power adapter (Add four Ni-MH AAA batteries for scanning anywhere)
  • Photo scanning sleeve
  • USB cable
  • Cleaning and calibration kit
  The Doxie One is available to purchase in the Doxie Store for $149.99, £119, or €149. The Lightning to SD card reader and iPad camera connection kit are available at your local Apple Store or online for $29 each.

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