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Apple’s Plan For An iTV Said To Finally Be Gaining Important Support

Apple’s Plan For An iTV Said To Finally Be Gaining Important Support

November 29, 2012
Since at least 2005, Apple has been trying to develop a so-called iTV. For almost as long, Cupertino has been unable to convince content providers that they would benefit from such a device. Until now, that is. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes has come out in support of an actual Apple television. His support could go a long way toward convincing others to come on board, according to The Verge. Bewkes' support is huge given that his company is the second-largest media conglomerate in the world behind only The Walt Disney Company. Time Warner owns New Line Cinema, HBO, TBS, Warner Bros., CNN, Cartoon Network, and other companies. According to the report:
Demand for a hypothetical iTV is practically a given, even without a large number of content partners to start. So far, though, Apple has chosen to hold out until it can get others on board. For his own part, Bewkes has shown openness to shifting trends in distribution, while many in the industry have been conservative about straying too far from traditional business models. Earlier this month, he downplayed the threat that cord-cutters played to cable companies, arguing that the true value of cable and Internet services has gone up thanks to more channels and faster speeds.
Time Warner Cable, meanwhile, is said to be the U.S. cable company furthest along in talks with Apple over the iTV, which is also important. Although TW Cable became independent in 2009, it is a given that there remains much synergy between the two companies. All of this sounds like things are moving in a positive direction. Which is good, given that the first Apple television model is rumored to be arriving in late 2013. See also: An Apple Television Concept That Includes A La Carte Entertainment Programming. Source: The Verge Photo: iTV concept, Digital Trends  

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