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Automatic Facebook Photo Syncing Now Available On iOS

Automatic Facebook Photo Syncing Now Available On iOS

December 1, 2012
We told you about the imminent arrival of Facebook Photo Syncing a couple of weeks ago. Now, it's finally here. Initially accessible to select users only, Facebook Photo Syncing is now gradually being rolled out to all users of Facebook for iOS. Facebook Photo Syncing offers an easy way to have the photos on your iDevice automatically uploaded to your Facebook account. To activate Facebook Photo Syncing on Facebook for iPhone, you don't have to update the app itself. Just open the app and tap Photos on the left sidebar. Then tap the new Synced tab and complete the activation process by tapping the Sync Photos button. I've successfully enabled Facebook Photo Syncing on my iPhone, but I'm yet to find a way to do the same on my iPad. Perhaps the feature is still being propagated across the servers of Facebook for iPad. Once enabled, the photos on your iDevice's camera roll will be automatically synced with Facebook. But don't worry, they will be uploaded to a private photo album. So, none of your embarrassing photos will find their way to your Facebook timeline. Unless you deliberately share them, that is. You can easily share your synced photos by selecting which ones you'd like to share on your Facebook timeline or send via private message. Of course, you can also select which ones you'd like to delete from your private photo album, which can hold up to 2 GB of images. Or you can turn Photo Syncing off entirely by tapping the gear icon in the album. To learn more about Photo Syncing, click here for the relevant documentation on Facebook Help Center. Will you be using Facebook Photo Syncing? Or is granting Facebook automatic access to your photos not your thing?

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