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Create Some Neighborhood Gossip With The iPhone-Controlled iUFO

November 13, 2012
Beyond miniaturized helis and typical remote control cars, sells some unique iPhone-controlled toys, such as the wall climbing car and insects. Today, we have the next interesting gadget to share with you, the iUFO. Even though it's not the saucer shape most common in unidentified flying object reports, the iUFO is still something mysterious. What I'd describe as a flying gyroscope, this nearly 8-inch spherical wonder whisks through the sky with ease and a bit of stealthiness due to the minimal surface area. As you can see in the photos and demonstration video, there isn't much to the device except three rotors, the control system, and a round, frame-style cage. Also depicted is a flashing LED, although, it's not stated in the specifications or feature lists. Just like most of the other app-controlled products we've posted about, the iUFO has a 20 to 35 foot line-of-sight control range using infrared technology and charges via USB. The package includes the iUFO, IR transmitter, USB cable, spare rotor blades, and instructions. The runtime is estimated to be upwards of 10 minutes on average with a full charge requiring at least 30 minutes. The iUFO is priced at $59.95. In addition, you'll need to install the free I-UFO app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running iOS 3.0 or later. While functional on iPad, iPhone 5, and fifth generation iPod touch, I-UFO's user interface is not optimized for the increased resolution of these iDevices. In and of itself, this is a very intriguing flying object. However, I feel the deep potential is with customization. We hope to provide you with a hands-on review and, perhaps, even suggest some nifty modifications. [gallery link="file"]

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