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Freeze! You're Under Gravitational Arrest In This Upcoming Puzzle Game

Freeze! You're Under Gravitational Arrest In This Upcoming Puzzle Game

November 18, 2012
Get ready to have your world frozen and turned upside down once you start playing Freeze!. Freeze! is the upcoming physics-based puzzle game from the up-and-coming indie developer Frozen Gun Games. To its credit, while it's fairly new in the field, Frozen Gun Games has Andreas von Lepel, a self-proclaimed "old hand" in game development and a bona fide rocket scientist. I repeat: a bona fide rocket scientist. Having published various games internationally on Commodore 64, PC, and other platforms since the early 80s, von Lepel has now applied his expertise in gaming and, apparently, gravitation to iOS through Freeze!. As I've mentioned, Freeze! is yet another physics-based puzzle game. But it's certainly not another Angry Birds nor another Cut the Rope. In Freeze!, you control a sort of eyeball who is, level after level, trapped in a prison cell. Each prison cell has its unique design, and the idea is to help the eyeball escape from it. To do this, as demoed in the game's trailer below, you have to guide the eyeball toward the exit portal in every cell. Invariably, this task entails having to rotate the cell and having to do the act that gives the game its name: Freeze! If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In order to navigate your way around spikes, laser beams, and other obstacles, it's imperative that you arrest the gravitational field around the incarcerated eyeball. Every time you press the freeze button in the game, the eyeball gets stuck in place and you're free to let gravity act upon the other objects in the cell by rotating it any way you want. Freeze! offers a total of 60 mind-bending rotating puzzles. These are created with original Contre Jour-like artwork by European designer Jonas Schenk and music by Swiss trance artist Karl Lukas. Freeze! is set to be launched in the App Store on Nov. 29. We'll have a full review of the game here on AppAdvice shortly after its release. And seeing as how engaging and brain-twisting it looks, it's likely that we'll also be honoring it as our Game of the Week to boot. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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