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Help Bring NFC To iDevices By Backing The FloJack Kickstarter Project

Help Bring NFC To iDevices By Backing The FloJack Kickstarter Project

November 13, 2012
The possibility of an NFC-equipped iDevice has existed for years, but Apple has no intention on implementing the technology anytime soon. However, Flomio, a TechStars Cloud company, does see great potential and demand for near field communication, but needs your help bringing it to the iOS device family. A compact and simple to use accessory, the FloJack would allow current and future iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners to utilize the many capabilities of NFC, such as payments, photo and contact transfers, and automated actions. In fact, Flomio will offer their own Actions App, packages of NFC tags called Zapps, plus a software development kit for integration and manipulation of other iOS apps.
“We’re extremely excited to invite iOS customers to the NFC party,” says Richard Grundy, Founder of Flomio who comes with more than 12 years of experience developing embedded systems at Motorola. “We [Flomio] see a future where all mobile devices interact in the NFC ecosystem, and we want all mobile users involved now. Since Apple didn’t include NFC in its latest iPhone version—that’s where we come in. The possibilities are endless.”
Currently, the project is well short of the $80,000 funding target. Therefore, the Flomio team is asking you to get involved via their Kickstarter page. Those interested can give a small amount as a simple means of backing the idea, preorder a standard FloJack package at a reduced price, or hand over a Benjamin (or more) to receive a developer kit. The milestone options are as follows:
  • $2 is the minimal way to make a difference
  • $25 to show your support, including a nifty t-shirt
  • $49 and you receive the basic package of one FloJack and five Zapps.
  • $99 or more opens up development possibilities with one FloJack, five Zapps, and program enrollment.
Flomio hopes to accomplish final design and certification by January 2013 to have retail units begin shipment in March 2013 at a suggested price of $59.99. Although, that's only if the company reaches its financial goal before Nov. 27, 2012. So, jump on board ASAP if you've been aching to gain NFC functionality on your iDevice.

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