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Practice Your Lying Skills With Bluff Wars

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Bluff Wars ($1.99) by FangTooth Studios, LLC is a universal social game where the goal is to bluff your way into winning the game. Trick your opponents with clever sayings, believable false quotes, and realistic sounding fibs. If your opponent is a better liar than you, you’re in trouble. We’re giving away five copies of the ad-free version of this game. Enter now for a chance to win.

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To play the game, you must log into Facebook or register your email address. Once you’re logged into the game, you can either play against people you know by sending them a request or try to trick a stranger into believing your lies by being teamed up against a random opponent.

Once you are paired up, you can pick the category you want to create a question about. For example, players can make up acronyms in the “Absurd Acronyms” category or finish a quote in the “Quirky Quotes” category.

You’ll be given a prompt that you must use to make up a question. For example, your prompt may be, “Finish the following quote: ‘China is…” and you must write in the rest of the quote in such a way that your opponent will think it is real. You don’t want to write something silly like, “uninhabited.” Come up with clever bluffs that will confuse your opponent.

After you create your false answer, you will be asked to choose which answer you think is correct. There will be four options. Your answer will be grayed out. One will be the real one, another will be what your opponent bluffed and one will be a bluff created by the app (this computer-generated opponent is called “Flub”).

If you successfully bluff your opponent, you earn extra points. Players earn one point for a correct answer. If your opponent chooses your false answer you will earn two additional points. The first player to get to 15 points wins the game.

Players can compete in one-on-one matches or try to trick a group of up to six opponents in one game.

You can purchase additional categories for $0.99, or wait until you’ve made it to levels 10 and 13 to unlock the new categories.

When I first started playing this game, I had a really difficult time connecting with players. I had seven different games going at once, but no one would play their turn. It took more than two hours for the first person to actually play against me. I tried to start a group game, but after four hours, I was never connected. I finally gave up.

As a free game, I’d recommend downloading this social app for fun. However, I don’t suggest downloading the premium game for $1.99. The price tag is just too high for this type of game. Luckily for you, we’ve got five copies of the paid, ad-free version to give away. If you’d like a chance to win, leave a comment below by 11:59 p.m. EST on Nov. 14. If you don’t want to wait to see if you’ve won, just download the free version today. When someone wants to play against you, don’t wait three hours to take your turn. It’s annoying.

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Practice Your Lying Skills With Bluff Wars

Practice Your Lying Skills With Bluff Wars