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Scan Multiple Pages By Batch With The Newly Redesigned Scanner Pro By Readdle

Scan Multiple Pages By Batch With The Newly Redesigned Scanner Pro By Readdle

November 1, 2012
Scanner Pro 4.0 introduced a native iPad interface to the popular document scanning app last April. Now, half a year later, Scanner Pro 4.3 is introducing a brand new scanning mode for iPad along with several other enhancements. The new scanning mode in question is the iPad-exclusive batch mode. As its name suggests, batch mode lets you scan documents by batch, that is, it lets you work with multiple pages at a time. To activate batch mode, tap on the single-page button at the bottom of the camera view screen. Notice that the button changes into a two-page button, indicating that batch mode is enabled. Then, just scan your multi-page document by alternating between taking a picture and adding a page with the camera button on the screen. When you're done scanning, choose whether you want to process each of your scans as a photo or as a document, specify the borders, and you're good to go. Using the new batch mode for iPad, you're likely to notice the new menu interface of the app. Of course, the new design is also in effect in Scanner Pro for iPhone. The new version of Scanner Pro for iPhone and iPad also features full compatibility with all WebDav services. This means that your scanned files are now automatically uploaded to your selected folders on any online storage of your choice. In accordance with this, support for iCloud and Google Drive has also been improved in the app for better reliability. Compatible with iPhone and iPad, Scanner Pro 4.3 is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $6.99 download. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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