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The iBookstore Becomes A Regular Distributor Of DC Comics

November 7, 2012
It was more than a year ago that DC Entertainment announced "Day and Date Digital," the availability of digital and paper versions of comic book issues on the same day. That purchasing flexibility has been provided (for the most part) through the DC Comics iOS app, however, DC Entertainment is finally placing digital copies in the major e-bookstores, including the iBookstore. Initially, the selection is only the very latest issues of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the company's other lineups. Even though the current DC Comics library is less than 100 books, DC Entertainment will be slowly adding previous releases and, of course, continue to publish new ones on a regular basis.
“As e-readers and tablets continue to explode in popularity it’s important for us to offer consumers convenience and choice in how they download digital comics and graphic novels and these new distribution deals with the top three e-bookstores do just that,” said Jim Lee, co-publisher, DC Entertainment. “We’re very excited to work with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble to bring bestselling DC Comics and Vertigo periodicals to their e-bookstores.”
Obviously, Apple is featuring the new collection on the iBookstore homepage. When entered, the DC Comics area is separated into new releases, series, and a "more"-style category. Individual issues cost upwards of $3.99, whereas volumes appear to be priced at a $12.99 across-the-board. Browsing, purchasing, and reading DC Comics requires iBooks 1.2 or later on an iPad, iPhone 3G, second generation iPod touch and newer running iOS 4.2 or later. Source: DC Entertainment Via: AppleInsider

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