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The Smarter Stand Is Now Shipping For The iPad, iPad mini

The Smarter Stand Is Now Shipping For The iPad, iPad mini

November 15, 2012
The Smarter Stand, which started as a Kickstarter project, and was reviewed positively by AppAdvice, is now on sale. Available in multiple colors, the stand works with the iPad 2 and later, and with the iPad mini. Created by Smarterflo, LLC, the $14.99 Smarter Stand is composed of two Smart Clips that attach to either side of the iPad or iPad mini Smart Cover. It allows for three additional stand positions, as shown below. Take a look at the original Kickstarter video:

Available in 10 colors to match Apple's own Smart Covers, the Smarter Stand “kit” comes with two Smart Clips and one Non-Slip pad to stabilize the iPad when using the clips. For a limited time, Smarterflo is including one extra Smart Clip, and two extra Non-Slip pads, to use as backup. For more information on The Smarter Stand, be sure to see Lory Gil’s review from July. For ordering information, visit The Smarter Stand website.

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