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Bose Introduces Lightning-Compatible SoundDock

Bose lovers can now breathe easy. The company has just introduced its SoundDock Series III that is compatible with all Lightning-enabled iOS devices, including the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch. Looking almost identical to the previous version, the biggest change seems to the integrated Lightning connector. The included remote allows music lovers to switch back and forth between playlists, operate the dock, and control basic functions of the iOS device itself. The SoundDock also charges the device. There is also an auxiliary input to listen to other audio devices. The Series III player uses a proprietary acoustic design and digital signal processing to provide its signature sound profile. The iconic speaker will set you back $249.95, and is available now at authorized Bose dealers, Bose retail stores, and on the company’s website. According to the site, the system will ship in seven to 10 business days, which could be past Christmas. Is anyone still interested in a speaker dock? With the proliferation of Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers, I’ve gone wireless with my iOS devices and have never looked back. If you’re looking for other iOS accessories to give this holiday season, take a look at our recent gift guides for iPhone and iPad owners.
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