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Discover Mobile Gets Passbook Support In Latest App Update

Great news, Discover card holders. The free Discover Mobile app has recently been updated to version 4.10, adding Passbook support to the application. After the initial excitement regarding Passbook wore off, we found that some of our favorite iPhone applications took a while to be updated with Passbook support. The Starbucks app, for example, took a long time to get this all important update, which was incredibly annoying. Discover Mobile's new update means the apps' users can get in on the Passbook fun by adding their Discover card to the Passbook application, and using the digital e-card in lieu of its plastic counterpart. As outlined in the app's release notes:
Your Discover app now includes Apple Passbook integration for partner eCertificates! Redeem your Cashback Bonus for a partner eCertificate and save it to Passbook! (Available for users on iOS 6 or greater)
You can download the recently updated Discover Mobile for free in the App Store. Enjoy!
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