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Game Center-Enabled Cooperative Multiplayer Mode Slides Into Tilt To Live

Our good friends at One Man Left might have been busily developing and promoting their latest game, Outwitters, over the past few months. But that doesn't mean that the very game that put them on the iOS map has been left to stagnate. In fact, the two versions of that game, which was AppAdvice's Game of the Year for 2010, have just been updated with a neat new feature. Tilt to Live for iPhone and Tilt to Live HD for iPad have both been updated with the ability to play the Viva la Coop mode via Game Center. Viva la Coop is actually a shorthand for "cooperative Viva la Turret." It is, essentially, the cooperative multiplayer version of the game's Viva la Turret mode. In Viva la Coop, you join forces with another player to avoid and defeat the ubiquitous "game over"-inducing red dots. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. One of you operates a stationary turret that is capable of mowing the red dots down. And the other moves in and around the screen to collect score multiplier jewels. As well, the latter must supply the former with fresh ammo lest your score multiplier be reset. Previously available via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth only, Viva la Coop is now playable via Game Center:
Through the magic of Game Center, Viva la Coop now features online matchmaking in new updates for both Tilt to Live iPhone and Tilt to Live HD! Just don’t try to play HD with your iPhone buddy; they’re different games. You can match to random strangers, or invite a Game Center buddy to help out.
In addition to Viva la Coop, Tilt to Live for iPhone has also been enhanced with iPhone 5 support and improved Retina graphics. Tilt to Live for iPhone and Tilt to Live HD for iPad are both available in the App Store for free. The new Viva la Coop mode may be unlocked through the Viva la Turrent Expansion in either version of the game. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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