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Playtime Is Just A Tap Away In Retro Virtual Pet App Hatchi

Playtime Is Just A Tap Away In Retro Virtual Pet App Hatchi

December 2, 2012
Hatchi has just hatched another significant update. Developed by Portable Pixels, which has also released the follow-up app Alien Hatchi, Hatchi is essentially a retro virtual pet app. Remember the Tamagotchis that were all the rage during the 90s? Well, if you're too young to remember or let alone to have owned one of those, allow me to enlighten you. A Tamagotchi is an egg-shaped, keychain-sized toy that displays the digital image of a creature. This creature has to be cared for as if it were a pet. Therefore, to have a Tamagotchi is to have a virtual pet. Hatchi basically recreates the experience of having a Tamagotchi. But in its case, it does so on an iDevice instead of an egg-shaped, keychain-sized toy. As my colleague Juli stated in her review of the app when it came out last January, "If You Had A Tamagotchi, You’ll Love Hatchi." As mentioned, Hatchi has just undergone a substantial update. The update introduces two new mini games for you to play with your retro virtual pet. In addition to Hatchi Squares, Roshambo, Hatchi Catchi, and Whack-A-Hatchi, you can now also play It's Raining Meds and Hatchi Matchi. It's Raining Meds challenges you to "help Baby Hatchi dodge the sick medication for as long as possible," while Hatchi Matchi dares you to "help Hatchi make pairs by finding the same foods and avoiding the skulls." The new update also expands on the color and background customization options introduced to Hatchi through its previous update last month. In the new version of Hatchi, new colors are available for your pet, as is a new winter wonderland background that's perfect for the holidays. Furthermore, the following enhancements are also included in the latest version of Hatchi:
  • New foods and drinks.
  • New mysterious egg evolution guide.
  • New change options e.g change favourite food.
  • Completely redesigned shop and inventory.
  • Redesigned help section with voiceover improvements.
  • Improved accessibility of the stats screen.
  • Cheaper adrenaline rush (2x speed).
  • Lots of bug fixes and general improvements.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Hatchi is available in the App Store for $0.99. Download or update the game now and start or continue having fun with your very own retro virtual pet — no egg-shaped, kitchen-sized toy required. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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