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WordStreet Is A Word Game With Attitude

WordStreet Is A Word Game With Attitude

December 1, 2012
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WordStreet (Free) by Xeative is not a word game for purists. If you're one of those people who plays Scrabble with the dictionary sitting right at your feet, this is not for you. However, if you're one of those people who wishes slang words like "chillax" and "woot" were in the Scrabble dictionary, then you may just fall in love with WordStreet.

For the record, I am in the first group, so if you play Scrabble with me and spell an unacceptable word I'll whip out that dictionary so fast your head will spin. That said, I thought WordStreet was a passably fun, if unoriginal game.

You will have to login to access WordStreet, which is a major negative in my book. You can use email or login with Facebook.

WordStreet by Xeative screenshot

After you log in, you can create a game with a random player. Much like Letterpress, this is not a game that can be played alone.

You can choose to play in classic or street mode. In classic mode you will use the standard dictionary, but in street mode, you can also use a "street" dictionary, which is a community built dictionary that includes slang words.

There are also options for a quick game or a custom game. In a quick game you will be automatically matched with players, and in a custom game, you can invite your friends to play.

Before you start, you will want to turn the music off. Trust me, it sounds like a three-year-old banging on pots and pans mixed with bad elevator music.

WordStreet by Xeative screenshot

In each game, you can add Style tiles, which give you a special boost. For example, one tile doubles the value of the current word, while another transforms a tile into a wild tile. These are purchased in-app with "StreetCreds." You start out with some and earn more through playing, but since this is a free app, the general idea is to get you to spend real cash for these bonuses.

Gameplay wise, it's essentially Scrabble or Words with Friends. You're given a board to build words on, and it is laid out with plenty of bonus tiles like double word scores and triple letter scores.

If you have ever played another word game similar to Scrabble, you will know what to do here. Spell words on the tiles that your opponent lays down and attempt to get the highest word score. The only difference between this game and other similar word games is the dictionary.

You will probably want to track down some friends to play with, because finding another player using quick match is next to impossible, which is a major downfall of these social games. I couldn't get far beyond starting up a game simply because I couldn't find a person to play with, and my friends and co-workers aren't going to give up Letterpress to play WordStreet.

If you're looking for an easier, more casual word game than you typically find in the App Store, then WordStreet is the app for you. Just make sure to find a friend, because this game hasn't quite caught on yet.

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