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In A Word, Letterpress' First Ever Update Is Awesome

In A Word, Letterpress' First Ever Update Is Awesome

November 17, 2012
Letterpress, the iOS game that became an instant hit after its release three weeks ago, has just received its first ever update. Created by Tweetie developer Loren Brichter, Letterpress is an innovative word game that has, understandably, taken the iOS world by storm. We here at AppAdvice are such big fans of the game that we could not not award it the honor of being our Game of the Week. The first update to the game brings a number of improvements. One notable improvement is the addition of a rematch button. Previously, once your Letterpress game is over, you have to go all through the usual Game Center hoops to start another game. Now, you just have to tap the new rematch button to immediately begin another round of Letterpress with the same opponent. Another improvement is the added ability to disable sounds. I love hearing the sound effects in Letterpress as I play. But I guess it's nice to have a quick way to turn them off without having to turn down the systemwide volume setting for sound effects. The update also adds more words to the game's dictionary. But it's now pointed out in the game's updated instructions that proper nouns are, as in Scrabble, not accepted in Letterpress. Game Center improvements are in order as well. Game Center server errors are said to be handled much better in the new version of the game. In addition, you can now send Game Center friend requests right within Letterpress. These and other improvements, by the way, are enumerated by Brichter in an awesomely humorous manner in the update's release notes. Read for yourself:
  • Rematch! (requires iOS 6 or newer)
  • Option to silence sounds. FYI I worked really hard on those sounds. No, no, go ahead, turn off the sounds if you want.
  • Added words to the dictionary (and removed a few goofs).
  • Fixed "Tell a Friend" via Facebook. People use Facebook?
  • Clearer instructions. Yes, days of the week are proper nouns. No, they are not allowed.
  • Handle servers errors a bit better. CROSS YOUR FINGERS THAT'S SOME GNARLY CODE.
  • Less bugs! Not that I'm saying there were any bugs before. But there are definitely fewer now.
  • Fixed syncing deleted games across devices.
  • Tiles are now tappier when you tap tiles fast. Tap tappity tap tap.
  • I like cookies.
  • Send Game Center friend requests right from the app! Holy moly! So cool! Friend your friends with the friendlier friender!
  • In-app purchases are less forgetful.
  • Does anybody read these? Helloooooo?
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, the updated version of Letterpress is available now in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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