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Quickly Access Your Computer Files From Your iPhone Or iPod touch With QuikIO

Quickly Access Your Computer Files From Your iPhone Or iPod touch With QuikIO

December 11, 2012
Last week, we told you about QuikIO HD, an easy-to-use app that lets you stream content from your Mac or PC on your iPad or iPad mini. Now, all of the great features of QuikIO HD have been made available for iPhone and iPod touch through a brand new app simply called QuikIO. Of course, just like QuikIO HD, QuikIO allows access to your Mac or PC content minus the limitations of cloud storage and the troubles of iOS-friendly file format conversion. Take it from me, or from us here at AppAdvice for that matter: QuikIO is really quick and easy. But before you can use QuikIO, you first have to install the official QuikIO desktop app on your Mac or PC. You will then be prompted to sign up for QuikIO's services and choose what folders you'd like to access from your desktop. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Once the QuikIO app is all set up on your Mac or PC, you're now ready to set up the QuikIO app on your iPhone or iPod touch. After downloading the app from the App Store, you just have to sign in to your QuikIO account and voila! Your documents, music, photos, and videos are right there on your iPhone or iPod touch for you to access and download. You can even share your files with family and friends who are also QuikIO users, hassle-free, using the app's appropriately named QuickSend feature. Note that your iPhone or iPod touch doesn't have to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your desktop computer for QuikIO to work. In fact, a Wi-Fi network is not really needed since QuikIO also works over 3G or 4G. Designed for iPhone and iPod touch, and already optimized for iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch, QuikIO is available now in the App Store. It's free for a limited time only, so grab it quik! [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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