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References To Office For iOS Found On Microsoft Support Site

It seems that 2013 may finally be the year Microsoft’s Office suite will make its way to the App Store. French-language site Mac4Ever has found references to Office Mobile for iPhone, Excel for iPad, and PowerPoint for iPad on Microsoft’s support site. The references to the iOS versions of the programs have appeared as incorrectly applied tags on support articles. For example, the French support site lists this document as wrongly applying to Excel for iPad. A quick search also brings up references to the other iOS-centric terms. The last major news about the suite came in early November. A report then said that a free-to-download Office Mobile would offer some type of basic viewing functionality. A paid Office 365 subscription would be needed to unlock basic editing functions. But even then, the app wouldn’t totally replace the desktop version of the productivity suite. The pictured screenshots are purportedly from the Office Mobile app. News earlier this year said the app would arrive sometime last month. But that obviously didn’t happen. Rumors now peg Office Mobile to arrive in February or March of 2013. As a heavy Office user, I'm still excited about this news. But I'm just ready for the apps to finally appear. Source: Mac4Ever Via: MacRumors
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