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Shipping Times For The iPad Mini Drop To One Week In The United States, Canada

There is some good news if you’re still in the market for an iPad mini. The shipping times for all versions of the tablet  have dropped to one week at Apple’s online store in both the United States and Canada. The stores for other countries are still listing a two-week shipping wait, but that will probably change fairly soon. Wait times reached the two week mark soon after the smaller tablet was first introduced in early November. Supplies of the iPhone 5 also seem to be catching up to demand right before the holiday season. At least in the United States store, all models of the newest handset are currently available to ship in two to four days. In early November, that wait time was two to three weeks. But if you still can’t wait that long to get your hands on a new iPhone or iPad mini, your local Apple Store might be the way to go. After 10 p.m. local time, buyers can reserve an iPhone 5 or iPad mini to purchase the next day locally. Buyers looking for the fourth-generation iPad are in better luck. All models and capacities of the tablet are listed as "in stock" on Apple’s site. Source: Apple Via: MacRumors
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