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Snooze Minutes Alarm Clock Dares You To Pay The Price Of Snoozing

Snooze Minutes Alarm Clock Dares You To Pay The Price Of Snoozing

December 17, 2012
Over the past few weeks, I featured not one, but two innovative alarm clock apps here on AppAdvice. There's iSleepin, which helps ensure you wake up on time by challenging you with a series of mini-games. Then there's Wake N Shake, which, as its name suggests, requires you to shake your device like crazy. Now, there's Snooze Minutes. At first blush, there seems to be nothing special about Snooze Minutes. Sure, it has a digital clock face that also indicates the current weather conditions. Sure, it lets you slide your finger up or down to adjust the screen brightness. Sure, it has a bedside mode, which, in the absence of extra screen elements, is ideal for discreet time display at night. Sure, it even lets you share your wake progress on Facebook and Twitter. But these features are already found in other alarm clock apps. What makes Snooze Minutes unique is the very thing it's named after: snooze minutes. You see, every time your alarm goes off in Snooze Minutes, your cache of snooze minutes begins to drain. It continues to drain when you press the snooze button and it won't stop draining until you stop the alarm. Stopping the alarm is not as simple as pressing a button, though. That would be too easy. Instead, you have to slide your finger on the screen following a specified pattern before you can deactivate the alarm. But going back to the matter of the snooze minutes … Initially, you have 70 of them. Once you run out of snooze minutes, you won't be able to snooze alarms. To get more snooze minutes, you have to buy them in-app: the 30-minute pack costs $0.99, the 170-minute pack costs $4.99, and the 333-minute pack costs $9.99. Alternatively, you can just wait for free snooze minutes to come once every 24 hours. Personally, I don't see myself spending real money just to restore the all-important snooze component of an alarm clock app. But Snooze Minutes' "stop snoozing or pay the price" setup might be just the thing to really motivate you if you're a particularly heavy sleeper. Designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Snooze Minutes is available now in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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