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Ubisoft Gives The Gift Of Rabbids For The Holidays

Ubisoft Gives The Gift Of Rabbids For The Holidays

December 8, 2012
Featured as today's deal on Ubisoft's "24 Apps Before Christmas" calendar, Rabbids Go Phone Again is temporarily being discounted to free, plus being packed with more content. Placed in the App Store nearly three years ago, Rabbids Go Phone contains a personal Rabbid for you to enjoy and abuse. (Don't worry, they like being smacked around.) You interact with your crazy Rabbid by tapping and swiping the screen or moving your iPhone into different orientations. Not only does the fun include whacky giggling and yelling by the awkward and obnoxious rabbit, but your attention to him opens up more possibilities. Pull his ears, spin him around, slam him into wars, let him dance to songs from your music library, and so on to unlock goodies, such as clothing and interactive objects. Each trick or action earns points, although, sometimes your Rabbid will do his own tricks and even show you a picture of what other interactions can be done. In v1.1.4 of Rabbids Go Phone Again, Ubisoft has added a few new items to the list of gags, objects, etc. So, keep playing and earning those points as well as sharing your unique Rabbid photos! Before sending you off to play with your virtual pet, I'd like to remind you that the iPad-optimized app is featured in today's Apps Gone Free. Rabbids Go Phone Again is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download for a limited time. Unfortunately, the game is not optimized for the 4-inch Retina display. [gallery link="file"]

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