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Wow! Foursquare Goes Palindromic With Latest Major Update

Wow! Foursquare Goes Palindromic With Latest Major Update

December 5, 2012
Madam, I'm Adam. Except I'm not. Truth is, I just wanted to start this post about the latest update to Foursquare for iOS with a palindrome. A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward. And the release notes for the new Foursquare app update are filled with palindromes. Appropriately so, I hasten to add, since the update brings the popular location-based social networking app to version 5.3.5. "For those of you keeping score at home," the Foursquare team points out, "5.3.5 is our first palindromic version number since version 3.0.3 in April 2011. How time has flown!" Rather amusingly, the Foursquare team goes on to introduce each detail of the update with an accompanying palindrome. But not after asking the palindromic rhetorical question, "Are we not drawn onward to new era?" So, without further ado, below are the enhancements you can expect from Foursquare 5.3.5:
  • A man, a plan, a canal, Panama! • Look out for check-in highlights under your friends' check-ins.
  • Go hang a salami; I’m a lasagna hog! • Try some recently opened places nearby.
  • Racecar! • Enjoy speedier check-ins, plus a shiny new check-in screen.
  • So many dynamos! • Search for 'peppermint' or 'cider' for some holiday treats!
Designed for iPhone, and optimized for iPhone 5, Foursquare 5.3.5 is available now in the App Store for free. Go, dog! I mean, go download it now. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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