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CES 2013: Cookoo Smart Watch Can Run For Up To One Year On A Single Battery

The Pebble isn’t the only smart watch in town. While the Cookoo also began as a Kickstarter project, it takes a decidedly different approach to connecting with an iOS device. Highlighted by Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the watch is compatible with the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad mini, third- and fourth-generation iPad, and fifth-generation iPod touch. Most importantly, the Cookoo watch doesn’t need recharging and uses a standard button battery that can be easily replaced by a user. While that means you won’t get an e-ink display like the Pebble, the Cookoo combines an analog watch with a digital notification center in the middle of the display. Using the free iOS app available now to download in the App Store, users can control the alerts and notifications on the watch and choose whether to be notified by an icon, beep, or vibration. Some of the things users can do directly from the watch include check-in on Facebook, tag a location, remote trigger the shutter on an iOS device, and find your phone. Our own Dom Esposito stopped by the Cookoo booth at CES 2013 and got a hands-on look at the watch and how it works with an iOS device. Click here if you can’t see the video. Available in green, pink, silver, and black, the Cookoo can be ordered directly on the company’s site. The pink, silver, and black version will set you back $129.99 while the limited-edition green is $249.99.
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