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Learn To Love The Simplicity Of RSS Feeds With Skimn

Learn To Love The Simplicity Of RSS Feeds With Skimn

January 15, 2013
Oh poor RSS feed. After once being the up-and-coming technology on the Web and mobile devices, it has quickly been pushed aside thanks social media and iOS apps like Flipboard and Pulse. But if you’re looking for a quick and well-designed way to catch up on some news reading, I can definitely recommend the free iPad app Skimn. The new app brings back a healthy dose of simplicity to reading. Every part of the process, from finding feeds all the way to actually reading, is simple to learn. Finding that perfect feed is very fast and easy. And after adding the content sources you would like, you can simply slide to the left to see an entire site’s feed or slide to the right to see your feed directory. Feeds can be also organized by category. As a nice touch, there is also an option to increase the font size and choose a night reading mode with a dark background for the text. If you want to share what you are reading, you can send a link to Twitter or Facebook directly from the reading area. Skimn is only for the iPad and iPad mini. It can be downloaded in the App Store now. I can highly recommend the app with its simple design and easy-to-learn controls. If you’re looking for similar apps, take a look at our comprehensive AppGuide of RSS Readers for the iPad. [gallery link="file"]  

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