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Prepare To Escape From Hoth Aboard The Millennium Falcon In Angry Birds Star Wars

Will you be seeing light at the end of the tunnel in Angry Birds Star Wars? Well, you just have to find out once the latest update to the game is released by Rovio in the very near future. Just yesterday, Rovio hinted at an upcoming update to Bad Piggies by posting a teaser photo on Twitter suggesting that something called "Road Hogs" is coming soon to the Angry Birds spin-off. Now, Rovio has also hinted at an upcoming update to Angry Birds Star Wars by posting the teaser photo above also on Twitter. Unlike the teaser photo for Bad Piggies, though, this one doesn't bear any textual clues as to the nature of what's coming soon to Angry Birds Star Wars. However, there is the matter of the photo's accompanying hashtag, #EscapeFromHoth. There's also the matter of the Millennium Falcon hovering through a tunnel-cave in the photo. As noted by PocketGamer, "Anyone familiar with 'The Empire Strikes Back' will recognize the cave as the one Han, Leia, Chewy, and the droids take refuge in while trying to evade the Imperial Fleet." Angry Birds Star Wars' next update is then likely to feature the Rebel birds evading the Pigtroopers by escaping from Hoth, which figured prominently in the game's previous update. Released in November last year, Angry Birds Star Wars is the sixth game in the hugely popular Angry Birds series. It features the series' signature slingshot gameplay, but with Star Wars characters, the Force, and even lightsabers thrown into the mix. It was hailed as AppAdvice's Game of the Week shortly after its launch. And most recently, it has been nominated for Excellence in Gameplay in the 9th International Mobile Gaming Awards. Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone and Angry Birds Star Wars HD for iPad are available in the App Store for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. Source: Angry Birds on Twitter Via: PocketGamer
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