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A Google Executive Trusts Apple With Our Data, Just Not With Our Lives

A Google Executive Trusts Apple With Our Data, Just Not With Our Lives

February 8, 2013
Google technology ambassador Michael T. Jones had some kind words for Apple recently. However, he then said something less diplomatic about Cupertino, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In an interview with "One Plus One," Jones said that keeping customer data secure was important. As such, he concluded that companies such as Apple and Microsoft were ones that users could trust with their personal information. In addition to Google, of course.
I certainly trust Apple, and I trust Google, and I trust Microsoft, for that matter. These are not corrupt organizations; these are nice people trying to serve you.
Well said don’t you think, especially for an ambassador? Then Jones couldn’t help himself. He criticized Apple over the company’s Maps app in iOS 6. He stated:
I think you should be worried about getting where you want to go if you use Apple Maps. If you want to be honest, you're taking your life in your own hands there.
Apple has long been criticized for the Maps app that comes with iOS 6. It is the first version that didn't use Google Maps. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the app in September. Since then, Apple has made improving Maps a priority. Jones' comment no doubt refers to a situation that happened in December to Australian motorists. As we reported at the time, police near Victoria had alerted motorists not to use Apple’s mapping system. This was in light of incidents involving Apple Maps-using travelers who ended up being stranded in the Murray Sunset National Park. At the time, I suggested that Apple’s Maps Program Is One Accident Away From Being A Total Wreck. Still, I'm not Google's Ambassador. As such, I'm wondering whether Jones' comments were a little bit over the top. What say you? See also: Apple Looking To Hire More Engineers To Bring iOS Maps On The Right Track, and Apple Execs ‘Seething’ Over iOS 6 Maps Debacle, Google Maps Approval. Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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