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Macworld/iWorld 2013: Scratch Tracks Shows Off Boombox Bags, iMixid Audiobots And Speakers

Scratch Tracks had a bright, colorful booth with a rollerskating saleswoman at Macworld/iWorld this year, and they were showing off quite a few must have products for music lovers. First up is the company’s line of Fydelity bags, which merge the idea of an old-timey boombox with a bag, creating a StereoBag that can hold your stuff and play tunes directly from your iDevice. Scratch Tracks offers these speaker bags in an array of styles and colors, from backpacks and shoulder bags to purses and coolers. They’ll set you back from $30 to $70. Next up is the company’s line of speakers. This year, Scratch Tracks had some bright, '80s style neon Bloombox speakers on display, which are portable, handheld, and connect to your iDevices using Bluetooth. These are available in hot colors like Neon Pink, and will cost $99. They won’t be available until May. Scratch Tracks is also offering a new iMixed G-Ripper iPhone case, which is designed for handheld gaming. It’s meant to provide a more comfortable, ergonomic grip for those long gaming sessions. The G-Ripper cases will be available in April for $19.99 to $29.99. Finally, Scratch Tracks showed off some of its new iMixid Audiobots, which are cute little figures that wear hats. The current version wears beanies, but Scratch Tracks is going to have new figures wearing baseball caps coming up. You can check out all of Scratch Tracks’ products on the Scratch Tracks website. There’s a lot of nifty stuff there, so it’s worth a quick visit.
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