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This Week In Accessories: A Look Back At Macworld/iWorld 2013

This Week In Accessories: A Look Back At Macworld/iWorld 2013

February 8, 2013
What a busy couple of weeks it has been in the land of iOS device accessories. Just a few weeks after the madness that was CES, the annual Macworld/iWorld conference made its appearance in San Francisco. And just like in Las Vegas, the conference was full of new and exciting accessories. Here are four of our favorites:

Double Robotics iPad Stand

Probably the coolest technology we saw at the conference was the iPad Stand from Double Robotics. Once an iPad is attached to the stand, it can be controlled from anywhere in the world using the compatible app. So if you can’t physically make that big business meeting across the country, you can virtually attend with the Double and an iPad. The stand can be adjusted in height from 47 to 60 inches, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to eight hours of normal use. And the entire robot weighs just 15 pounds without the iPad. While the technology looks fascinating, it does come at a cost. You can preorder the Double from the company’s website for $2,000. It is expected to ship to buyers in the next few weeks. I’m hoping we’ll see more technology like this soon, and at a lower cost. After backing the Kickstarter project, I’m still waiting patiently for the Romo robot that costs just $150 and uses an iOS devices as its brain.

The iSlider from Rain Design

I’ve never been a fan of iOS device stands because normally they are big, bulky, and not something I’d want to carry around in my gadget bag. But Rain Design has an interesting solution, the iSlider. A travel-sized stand for almost any device you can think of, the closed device looks similar to the Magic Mouse and can be easily transported around for daily use. An adjustable stand allows for a variety of viewing angles and the bottom of the iSlider has rubber grips to keep the stand in place. The iSlider will be available soon from Rain Design for $49.95.

The CompactCase and CargoCase from Krome

Krome is looking to be the go-to solution for iPhone cases with its modular CompactCase and CargoCase. Both solutions offer the same amount of functionality, but the CompactCase is the thinner option. While the included mirror and the ability to hold cash and credit cards isn’t unique, users will soon be able to purchase other interchangeable cartridges (called “accs”) for either case:
  • SolarCase for charging
  • BatteryCase for more power
  • LaserCase for a presentation laser
  • MeterCase for tracking blood glucose levels
  • MemoryCase for a portable hard drive
  • ToolCase with its different available tools
Either case is available for $39.95 directly from Krome’s site.

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