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Adobe Reader For iOS Update Brings Smart Zoom, Night Mode And More

Adobe Reader For iOS Update Brings Smart Zoom, Night Mode And More

March 9, 2013
Since its launch in October 2011, Adobe Reader for iOS has been my PDF reader of choice. I'm no PDF power user, so the official iOS edition of Adobe's popular PDF viewer works perfectly well for me. Of course, any update to Adobe Reader for iOS is more than welcome, like the latest one that was issued to the app mere minutes ago. The latest update to Adobe Reader for iOS is packed with notable improvements. One of these improvements is the ability to go to a particular page in a document. To do so, beginning with the new version of the app, just tap on the page number and enter your desired page number when prompted. The new version of Adobe Reader for iOS also includes smart zoom and night mode. Smart zoom enables you to tap a column of text and have it automatically zoomed to maximize screen space. And night mode, of course, allows you to read more comfortably under low-light conditions. The update also introduces screen brightness lock, which the Adobe Reader team explains thus:
If you’ve ever been reading something and had your screen switch to the lock screen or dim when you’re in the middle of a sentence, you’ll appreciate this. When Reader is in the foreground, we’ll keep the screen active for an extended time so you can keep reading. It will still time out eventually, but not so quickly that you need to keep tapping your device to continue reading.
The update also strengthens the app's integration with, which was added through the app's previous major update. Now, the app's support not only lets you sync documents across your devices, but it also lets you sync your last positions in your documents. Furthermore, the update brings FormsCentral PDF validation, undo in freehand annotation tool, and VoiceOver integration for accessibility. It also brings keyboard support for form-field navigation, enabling you to use the Tab and Shift+Tab buttons on Bluetooth keyboard to navigate between fields when filling out PDF forms. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5.0 or later, the new version of Adobe Reader for iOS is available now in the App Store for free. Needless to say, given its new set of significant features, I'm set to use Adobe Reader for iOS even more. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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