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Riposte For Now Lets You Post Messages In Private

Riposte For Now Lets You Post Messages In Private

March 19, 2013
The highly rated iPhone-optimized client Riposte has just received its first major update. The new update brings a ton of new features, most significant of which is private messaging. To be sure, Riposte is not the first client for iPhone to gain support for private messaging. That distinction belongs to Felix, which was followed by Netbot. Nevertheless, private messaging in Riposte promises to be the best available experience on iPhone. It enables you to chat with one or more users in private. And it also supports push notifications, dark mode, and inline images. Speaking of push notifications, the new Riposte update adds the ability to fine tune your push notifications by type (stars, mentions, private messages, etc.) or by follow status. The update also adds support for inline search for @mentions and #hashtags when composing a post. Also featured in the update is support for File API image attachments. Consequently, the original Riposte image service has been done away with. Furthermore, the update enables uploading of new avatars and cover images right from Riposte. The latest update to Riposte also includes the following improvements along with a number of fixes:
  • Option to turn off all inline images.
  • Add option to hide directed posts from the Global Stream.
  • Unread count bar fades away automatically when scrolling down into older, already read posts.
  • Native image viewer for inline images that have deep-links to the original image files.
  • Save images to camera roll from the native image viewer.
  • Added date stamps to Interaction cells.
  • Improved the appearance and accessibility of the Main Menu.
  • Now using a dimmer color for hashtags and custom link domain name insertions, for readability.
  • Added Magic Tap gesture actions for Voice Over users.
And according to the update's release notes, a mysterious "Space Mutiny" feature has also been added to Riposte. I am so in, whatever that is. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later, the latest version of Riposte is available now in the App Store. Originally priced at $4.99, Riposte has been available for free since its total price drop a month ago. So, if you're an user, download the newly updated Riposte now. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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