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Rise Of The Blobs' Delicious New Update Offers Cupcake, Mushroom And More

A new content update has just emerged for the juicy puzzle game Rise of the Blobs. Developed by Wind-Up Knight creator Robot Invader, Rise of the Blobs is something of a hybrid of Tetris and match-three gameplay. In Rise of the Blobs, you're tasked to help a little marshmallow named Marsh Mal as he tries to prevent a mob of jelly blobs from rising to the top of his tower. To do so, you must drop different kinds of fruits toward groups of similarly colored blobs. Then you can just pop the blobs and watch them explode, to your and Marsh Mal's satisfaction. With its previous update, Rise of the Blobs gained a new Star mode. Now, with its latest update, the game has gained two new modes, namely, Cupcake mode and Mushroom mode. The Cupcake mode is automatically unlocked after you play 10 games of Rise of the Blobs. But the Mushroom mode is unlocked only through a Robot Invader VIP All-Access Pass, which you can purchase in-app for $3.99. This pass gives you access to exclusive content in the game, including a Wind-Up Knight stage and special "malwear" in addition to the Mushroom mode. It also unlocks a new Moon stage, which has just been added through the game's new update. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The new update also introduces a new Auto-Pop gameplay for the Cupcake, Mushroom, and Timed modes. New interface touches, new achievements, and new power-ups are also included in the new Rise of the Blobs update. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Rise of the Blobs is available in the App Store for free. As noted by Christine in her review of the game, Rise of the Blobs is "a juicy new take on match-three puzzle games. If you are looking for some frantic, 3-D matching action with a new spin, then look no further than Rise of the Blobs." Shortly after its release on iOS a couple of months ago, Rise of the Blobs earned a Game of the Week honorable mention from us here at AppAdvice. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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