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Time To Design The Perfect iPhone 5S

Time To Design The Perfect iPhone 5S

March 5, 2013
Apple’s next iPhone is set to arrive later this year. When it does, the handset will get some hardware upgrades, and hopefully, have iOS 7 come preinstalled. Of course, only Apple knows for sure what the iPhone 5S will look like, and what features it will include. The rest of us can do little more than report on the latest rumors from analysts and suppliers to envision what the company’s seventh handset will look like. With this in mind, we want to know your thoughts on what the next iPhone should look like, both in terms of its design and features. First, a brief look at what the latest rumors are telling us.

Launch timeframe

The next iPhone will almost certainly arrive this summer, and not in the fall like previous models. The latest rumor comes from iMore, which suggests that the new phone will launch in August, according to “sources familiar with the plans.” Of course, iMore is hedging their bets, by maintaining that “details can and do change, sometimes repeatedly.”


If you want to see what the iPhone 5S looks like, take a look at the iPhone 5 in your pocket, or on store shelves. Like the iPhone 4S before it, the next iPhone is expected to be an incremental upgrade, and look identical to the current model. One thing that could be different is the choice of colors. The iPhone 5S may come in different hues for the very first time. Joining black and white models, could be ones in red, yellow, green, and blue.


The iPhone 5S’ biggest changes will likely be on the inside. Here we may see some sort of fingerprint authentication technology, a slightly improved camera, and of course, a chip upgrade. In addition, near field communication technology could also arrive. Okay, folks, the floor is yours. If you were working for Apple, what would you want to see in the next iPhone? Tell the world by leaving a comment below. See also: Opinion: Apple’s 2013 Product Launch Schedule Begins In March, and Apple Reportedly Planning To Launch Low-Cost iPhone With Polycarbonate Body.

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