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Update From Zynga: Draw Something 2 Sighted In Sweden's App Store

Update From Zynga: Draw Something 2 Sighted In Sweden's App Store

March 29, 2013
Zynga’s Draw Something 2 appears to be making its way into App Stores worldwide. The first sighting has occurred in Sweden, as the following screenshot shows: According to our source at Zynga, Draw Sometime 2 is launching exclusively in Sweden since it was there where the original game first hit No. 1 in the App Store. However, we were told that Draw Something 2 would be available globally soon. Draw Something 2 was teased earlier this month. It is following the 2012 launch of Draw Something, which was created by OMGPOP prior to their acquisition by Zynga. In February, it was announced that Draw Something had been downloaded 100 million times. Released on Feb. 1, 2012, the universal game is available in two versions. There is Draw Something Free, which includes ads, and the $2.99 Draw Something. The game combines social drawing and guessing. In December, Zynga released Draw Something Pro for iPad. The $4.99 game includes features unique to Apple’s tablet including a redesign, color packs, and more. Draw Something 2 and Draw Something 2 Free are available in Sweden's App Store. [gallery]

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