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Cydia Tweak: Color Code Your Recent Calls With Prime

Cydia Tweak: Color Code Your Recent Calls With Prime

April 25, 2013
By default, missed calls on an iPhone show up in a red font within the Phone app. While that feature is helpful, the incoming and outgoing calls always remain black. Prime is a new Cydia tweak created by Rv1raj and TheKirbyLover that will diversify the Phone app's list of recent calls and make it a little easier to read. Once this tweak is installed, all incoming calls will be shown with a blue font and outgoing calls will be labeled in green. This may not seem like much, but it’s really helpful if you're quickly searching for a number. There's always been a small phone icon to mark outgoing calls, but in my opinion, having everything color coded is a better solution.  It’s simple tweaks like Prime that I love the most. Check out our video overview below:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Within the Settings app, you’ll find an option to also change the color of the date next to each recent call. There are 11 colors to choose from for the date and a toggle switch to enable or disable this feature. If you decide to change the date color, you’ll need to completely close out of the Phone app and relaunch it for the changes to take effect. Overall, Prime is a very simple tweak, but I think it’s very useful. I'm sure some people would prefer to have the option to specify custom colors for incoming and outgoing calls, but blue and green work fine for my eyes. In my opinion, small features like color coding recent calls create a better user experience in iOS. It's important to note that this tweak is only compatible with iPhone running iOS 6 or higher. Currently, Prime is available in the ModMyi repository for free. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. For other great Cydia tweaks check out: Give Your Lock Screen A New Look With Atom, NotesTweak Adds Many Useful Features To The Notes App, and Call Any Contact From A Protected Lock Screen With Exigency.

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