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Forget The iPhone 5S, Look At This iPhone 6 Concept Design Video

Forget The iPhone 5S, Look At This iPhone 6 Concept Design Video

April 19, 2013
Late last month, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent application for a wraparound AMOLED display. Since then, we’ve seen some interesting third-party concept designs revealed that take into account the patent. Now, a new concept has been uncovered, this one being billed as an “iPhone 6 Concept Exclusive.” Take a look:

Created by T3, the concept handset is noted for its end-to-end screen that has icons that appear on both sides. The Lightning connector remains on the bottom, as does the audio jack. In this case, however, the jack is moved to the right. A volume controller remains on the left side of the handset. However, this is now digital and looks like the one present in Apple’s native Music app. One impressive feature is the ability to watch TV on one side of the device, while on the other, play a video game. There has been no indication that Apple will unveil anything like this, at least in 2013. Next year, however, could be a different story. See also: Analyst Predicts Multiple Sizes For Next Generation Of iPhone, and New 'iPhone 6' Concept Video Hits The Web, But Don't Get Too Excited.

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