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Important Under The Hood Changes Made In Things 2.2

Important Under The Hood Changes Made In Things 2.2

April 18, 2013
The popular to-do app, Things, for both iPhone and iPad, has just received an update to version 2.2. Though this update brings little change to the application's appearance, users will be pleased to learn that a number of important performance improvements have been made in the latest version of Cultured Code's app. First, Things now works better with time zones. Previously, it was possible for to-dos to be shown on the wrong date when the user traveled between different countries, however this issue has been corrected in Things 2.2. Second, the iPhone and iPad apps now enjoy a more harmonious relationship with their OS X counterpart. Better performance in Things for Mac means that the process of moving between the iOS apps and the Mac application is much easier, and quicker. Third, and finally, Things Cloud has been given a speed boost. As outlined on Cultured Code's blog:
Things Cloud is really fast in day-to-day operation, but there is one use case where we wanted to make it even faster: If you have a really large database, downloading it for the first time onto a new device (or a fresh install of Things) could take a considerable length of time. We’ve managed to improve this procedure significantly, and it’s now more than three times faster than it was before. This isn’t something you’ll do often, but it’s there when you need it – and makes moving to your next new device that much more seamless.
On top of the above, more than 50 other performance improvements have been made to the iPhone and iPad apps, meaning Things should now run better than ever. Currently, Things for iPhone can be downloaded for $9.99, while Things for iPad is available for the higher price of $19.99. Both apps have been updated to version 2.2 and feature the changes outlined above. For more information on the second major release of Things, take a look at our original article.

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