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It’s Time To Sing A Song As Children’s Book App FarFaria Adds A New World

It’s Time To Sing A Song As Children’s Book App FarFaria Adds A New World

April 15, 2013
After I started using FarFaria in October, it has easily become one of the most used apps on my iPad mini. FarFaria brings the Netlfix concept to children’s books by providing a paid monthly subscription service for access more than 370 titles. And it has just recently been updated to version 2.1 that adds a fun new land for kids to explore. Sing Along City is the place to find a large number of favorite children’s songs. The new land joins 10 other worlds in the app like Animal Kingdom, Adventure Island, Fair Tale Forest, Picture Point, and Looney Lagoon. The titles in each section can be displayed in alphabetical order, newest titles first, or by reading level. Five new stories and songs are added in the app weekly, and subscribers can read an unlimited amount of stories. Stories that are tagged as favorites can also be accessed to read even without any Internet access, which is perfect for a long plane ride or car trip. FarFaria is designed only for the iPad and iPad mini. It can be downloaded in the App Store now for free. New users can try out the app for free, but a subscription costs $3.99 per month. Users can cancel at anytime. Both of my children are big fans of FarFaria, and I’ve been pleased with the pace that new titles have been added. Hopefully a future update will bring the app to the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod touch. [gallery link="file"]

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