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Photojojo Lauches Telephoto Lens For The Budding iPad Photographer

Photojojo Lauches Telephoto Lens For The Budding iPad Photographer

April 22, 2013
If you feel the need to use your iPad or iPad mini as a digital camera, Photojojo's new Telephoto Lens products for iPad make it possible to capture long distance shots without having to use the Camera app's poor quality digital zoom. The new products support the iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad mini, and are available to purchase online for just $25 each. Photojojo's iPad mini-compatible Telephoto Lens features 12x telephoto power, while its iPad 3- and iPad 4-compatible product boasts a 10x power. In both cases, the accessories can vastly improve the camera capabilities of the 9.7 inch iPad and its smaller counterpart: As Photojojo notes at its website:
Much like a full-grown adult doing cartwheels, iPad photography can look a little silly, but it is just so much fun. You get to see your photo through a ginormous viewfinder before your even snap it. It's time to take your iPad photography one step, or 10 steps, further with the iPad telephoto lens. This lens adds 10-12 times telephoto power to your iPad. [...] The iPad telephoto lens has a manual focusing ring to give you added control over its delightfully shallow depth of field. It also adds just a bit of vignetting and a dreamy lo-fi look.
Since 2011, Photojojo's Telephoto Lens has been available for the iPhone, and can be purchased for the slightly higher price of $35. However, if you happen to enjoy using your iPad as a large-screen digital camera, Telephoto Lens for iPad could be the perfect iDevice accessory for you. As mentioned, the products are available to purchase online from Photojojo's website for $25. For further iPad photography articles, see: Boost Your iPad's Camera Capabilities With Camera Boost 3.0, Best Apps For Serious Photographers, and Best Panoramic Photo Apps.

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