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Problem Solved: QED Solver Updated With Complex Number Support And More

Mere moments ago, I told you about the recently released Calzy, which is a simple, gesture-based calculator app packed with neat features. Now, let me tell you about QED Solver, which may very well be the calculator app you need for far more advanced purposes. To be sure, QED Solver has been around in the App Store for over a year now. It was launched for iPad in May last year and for iPhone the following month. But both editions of the app have just been updated with a couple of major improvements, along with the obligatory bug fixes. But before we go into those improvements, what exactly is QED Solver anyway? Well, QED Solver is basically an advanced calculator app that allows you to solve a variety of mathematical expressions. These include linear equations, nonlinear equations, function minimizations, derivatives, and definite integrals. The app is also suitable for dealing with trigonometric, logarithmic, and statistical functions. Take a look at the official demo video for QED Solver below, which features the app's ability to plot graphs and generate solution reports. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. As for the couple of improvements that have just been issued to QED Solver, they come in the form of complex number support and PDF email export for solution reports:
  • Complex number support! You can now work with complex numbers as easily as with real numbers. All the standard functions now support complex numbers. So sin, cos, exp, ln, sqrt, integ, etc. all work with complex numbers. See Help -> Complex Numbers for more information.
  • You can now email a PDF of the Solution Report in additional to the HTML view
Compatible with iDevices running iOS 5.0 or later, the new version of QED Solver for iPad and QED Solver for iPhone are available now in the App Store. Both went free for the first time and for a limited time a couple of months ago. I was lucky enough to get them then, but if you weren't, you can download QED Solver for iPad and QED Solver for iPhone for $2.99 and $1.99, respectively. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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